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May 2014 Forum

green-door-labs-storygaming-sosolimited-narrative-data-viz green-door-labs-storygaming-sosolimited-narrative-data-viz


May 6, 2014 - 6pm to 8pm

Building 3 - Room 333
Cambridge, MA


StoryCode Boston presents Green Door Labs and Sosolimited in our continuing mission to spotlight case-studies in current storytelling innovation, immersive narrative, and transmedia.

Kellian Adams Pletcher is the founder and mastermind of Green Door Labs, a company that works with informal education organizations to create games and playful learning experiences. A former teacher, Kellian has worked in many capacities of education technology from QA to sales, production, project management and of course, educational game design.

Since starting Green Door Labs in 2012, she’s worked on projects like Murder at the Met with the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Agents of Change with the Girl Scouts of America and the DC area museums and most recently, the Edventure Builder

Sosolimited is an art and technology studio founded in 2003 by Justin Manor, John Rothenberg, and Eric Gunther. The three met at MIT where they collectively studied physics, computer science, architecture, arts and music. Today they have offices in Boston and San Diego, and continue to operate at the boundary of art, design, experience and information, creating software, installations, and sculptures that exist in the space between data visualization and storytelling.

Sosolimited creates interactive installations, software applications, and live performances. These projects incorporate elements of dynamic typography, video manipulation, computer vision, sensor technologies and sound design. Sosolimited has created innovative interactive design for clients including IBM, HBO, LG, Cirque du Soleil, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, L’Oreal, and Honda; performing and exhibiting artwork internationally at festivals and museums including Ars Electronica, Transmediale, Walker Art Center, Cooper Hewitt, Shanghai Biennial, and the ICA Boston.

Eric Gunther studied Computer Science at MIT. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he is a founding partner of the interactive art and design firm, Sosolimited. Eric makes music with the bands Knolls, Maamba, and Babystep. He and Jeff Lieberman made a timelapse dance music video for OK Go. He and Emily Beattie work on interactive dance films. In the in-between hours, he dances, meditates, and makes things that shake people.

John Rothenberg lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where he is a founding partner of the interactive design studio Sosolimited. He studied at MIT, where he received BS and SMArchS degrees from the Department of Architecture. His work there centered around the intersection of public space and interactive technology. In 2003 he was a fellow at the Designlab Siemens Mobile in Munich and at MIT he was a research affiliate of the Computing Culture Group led by Chris Csikzentmehalyi. The Art Directors Club honored him as a Young Gun in 2006.

StoryCode Boston intends to be a meetup where our diverse community of creators, producers, educators and innovators can share their knowledge, experience, and analysis in the progressive and convergent forms of storytelling today! Yay!

In collaboration with MIT Open Documentary Lab

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New York City

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Special Event

immigrant-nation-nannyvan-launch-party immigrant-nation-nannyvan-launch-party

Immigrant Nation & NannyVan Launch Party

April 24, 2014 - 7pm to 10pm

DCTV - Downtown Community Television Center
87 Lafayette Street 
NYC 10013


Join us for a special event at DCTV celebrating the launch of the new participatory interactive documentary Immigrant Nation.

Immigrant Nation explores our connections to immigration, past and present, through storytelling.

At the heart of this project is a simple idea: the U.S. is a nation shaped by immigration, and most families have personal story about it. These stories, whether they happened generations ago or quite recently, are not often shared. We want to bring them to the surface - exploring the interconnectedness of these narratives.

Immigrant Nation has three components:

  • an immersive website that encourages participatory storytelling
  • a series of short documentary films
  • live events in schools, museums, libraries, film festivals and other public spaces designed to engage diverse communities in sharing their immigrant stories

The event will also celebrate the launch of the innovative project NannyVan.

Created by REV- (lead artist: Marisa Jahn) in collaboration with The National Domestic Workers Alliance, The NannyVan is a bright orange mobile design lab and sound studio that "accelerates the movement for domestic workers' rights nationwide." With its pull-out craft carts, colorful design, and acoustic recording booth, the NannyVan convenes domestic workers workers and employers alike to produce and provide new fair care tools — from know-your-right flyers to our Domestic Worker App. 

Launching April 24, 2014! 

The Domestic Worker App is a public art and know-your-rights app accessible by any kind of phone — even the most basic kinds. Call (347) 967-5500 at any hour to hear humorous episodes about topics such as overtime wage, paying your taxes, health and safety essentials, and the growing movement for domestic worker justice! AND, text the number to sign up to receive weekly text messages — type any key in the subject of the text message.

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San Francisco

April 2014 Forum


Jonah Sachs of Free Range presents THE STORY OF STUFF

April 29, 2014 -

533 Sutter St,
San Francisco


StoryCode SF will feature Freerange Studio director Jonah Sachs discussing the creation of the massively popular “The Story of Stuff.”  Jonah will talk about how the story was created, what lead to its large audience, and how he plans to extend their online storytelling approach to take advantage of multi-screen audiences with a penchant towards social action.  The event is free.

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