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Jakub Wróblewski | „First We Feel Then We Fall” Michael Geidel | „Jazzoo”

StoryCode WAW on Tour | Trans-media and animation

October 20, 2017 - 9pm to 11pm

Radio Szczecin

Aleja Wojska Polskiego 73 · Szczecin


What are trans-media projects? Are they the future of film? How does one utilise multiple channels to create a story in a digital world? What is the difference between interactive narrative and exhibition in terms of storytelling in space? What platforms could be used as diverse experiences of the same story? What is animations role in a story and how can be image transformed? We will try to answer these questions, during the international meeting of the StoryCode Warsaw community. We will be assisted by a presentation of German producer Michael Geidel’s transmedia project and animated music game for kids, and by multimedia artist Jakub Wróblewski’s interactive adaptation of James Joyce’s last book. Register Here