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The Future of Journalism


Citizen Futures @ Workbar

January 25, 2017 - 6pm to 9pm
Workbar Cambridge, 45 Prospect St, Central Square, Cambridge, MA Map

On Wednesday, January 25th, StoryCode Boston and Citizen Futures will present a discussion on the future of journalism

The Big Idea: What "truth" do we want from journalism? How will we define media and journalism going forward? Is the business model broken? Will journalism still have a voice?

Overview // Follow the money: The media landscape is primarily built on a business model driven by advertising dollars and eye balls. The incentive structure then naturally influences the content that is created. Ad tech, click bait, personalized content, curated News Feeds, Extremistan-style coverage, 24 hour "news"... Where does this lead us? 

Questions //

• What is the effect of “selective exposure” and our tendency towards homophily - seeking out people like us - on the news we read? Or are even shown (from our curated newsfeed)?

• Do we actually care about truth? Or just "our" truth? 

• What are strategies for overcoming bias in what we read?

• The medium is the message: How does social media and newer models of distribution impact the content itself?

• What is the future for independent or alt-media? 

• Money talks: What are alternative business models and how might this impact things like integrity, trust, readership? Why don't more people pay for journalism?

Speakers //

• Chris Faraone (@fara1): Co-Founder of Boston Institute for Nonprofit Journalism (BINJ), an incubator for independent media and journalists in Greater Boston, and the News & Features Editor at DigBoston. He has authored several books, including a first-hand account of the Occupy movement, and has been featured in publications such as Fast Company, SPIN, and the Columbia Journalism Review.

Terry Marshall (@intelmischief): Founder of Intelligent Mischief, a creative action design lab using culture, narrative and design to hack social change, they specialize in using artifacts to spur discussion, such as their Black Body Survival Guide. Terry has been involved in social justice for over 20 years and sits on the board for the Center for Artistic Activism.

• More TBD!

Co-host //
Citizen Futures

Citizen Futures' mission is to help create more participatory communities by bringing together government, private sector, and citizens. Through design thinking, speculative design, art and discussions, we think critically about where we may be as a society in 5, 10, 50+ years. We believe that because the future is unwritten it is within our power to shape.

Aaron Gerry is interested in the influence of place and customary mythology on our daily lives. He spends his time building organizations that provide access to opportunity, education, and supportive community. He's a Northeastern alum (go Huskies!), loves pizza (yum!), and tiny journals (yay!).

Agenda //

6:30-7PM: Design Activity

7-8PM: Panel Discussion + Q&A

8-8:30PM: Chit chat

Resources + Food for Thought // 

• Power of fake news and propaganda when millions of people suddenly get the internet in Myanmar

• 44% of American adults gets news from Facebook

• Echo-chamber effect of curated newsfeeds that confirm existing biases, and can spur behavior, such as voting

• Bonuses tied to pageviews impacts content produced

• Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia created over 100 pro-Trump websites full of fake news, for a healthy profit

• Less jobs and bonuses tied to pageviews impacts content produced • Filter bubbles show you what you want, not necessarily what you need

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Asi Burak / CEO of Power Play + Chairman of Games for Change


January 2017 Forum

January 24, 2017 - at 7pm
The Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center
144 West 65th Street, New York, NY 10023 Map

For the January StoryCode NYC Forum we are pleased to welcome Asi Burak, a veteran of the video game and tech industries.

By any measure, digital games – played on personal computers, game consoles, mobile phones, and tablets – can be considered the most powerful medium of the 21st century. The reach and impact of digital games is obvious: It is now a global $99 billion industry that over 67% of American households participate in.

Join us as Asi makes an impassioned case for using games for the benefit of society, with an overview of the latest trends and core challenges. Asi shares prominent and pioneering work from around the globe, including his unique entry to the field, leading the team behind the award-winning game PeaceMaker around the Middle-East conflict.


Asi Burak is a veteran of the video game and tech industries, and an award-winning executive producer.  He is currently the CEO of Power Play and also the Chairman of the influential industry organization Games for Change (G4C), which produces the largest gaming event in NYC, the annual Games for Change Festival.  He has served as a strategic advisor to organizations like EON Productions (producer of the James Bond films), Tribeca Enterprises, Newsweek, and McCann Erickson, helping guide the strategic use of games and digital experiences to further brand engagement.

Prior to serving as G4C's President from 2010 to 2015, Asi co-founded and led Impact Games, the creators of PeaceMaker and Play the News (acquired by Hybrid Learning Systems in 2010).  

He is often interviewed by international and national media, and has been invited to speak at conferences and institutions including TED Talks, Harvard Kennedy School, the Clinton Global Initiative, Sundance, the Skoll World Forum, CES, SXSW, GDC, and the US Army War College.  He is also a faculty member at the School of Visual Arts MFA in Design for Social Innovation and holds a Master of Entertainment Technology from Carnegie Mellon University.

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