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Film, Theatre, and Narrative Science


MIT Screening

December 7, 2015 - 6pm to 8pm
MIT, 77 Massachsetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA, Building 2 Room 105 (2-105) Map

What if you could time travel to 1915 Paris and meet one of the world's most renowned scientists? Join StoryCode Boston and MIT Open Documentary Lab as we celebrate Nobel Prize week and host the first feedback screening of Humanity Needs Dreamers: A Visit With Marie Curie, a Boston-based film production of the one-act play exploring narrative science through living history theater.

Two-time Nobel Prize winner Marie Skłodowska-Curie is best known for coining the term radioactivity. Discovering two elements and pioneering new fields of study in both chemistry and physics, her work paved the way for the first radiation treatments for cancer — but few understand the obstacles she faced just to get into the laboratory.

Artfully portrayed by living history scholar & playwright Susan Marie Frontczak, Humanity Needs Dreamers: A Visit With Marie Curie invites audiences of all ages to experience Marie’s remarkable journey from her childhood in Poland to her groundbreaking scientific research in France.

Along with exploring best practices in filming a live production, this project offers a unique opportunity to explore the contrasts and connections between the language of cinema and theater. Screening is 45 minutes and will be followed by a Q & A with filmmakers Jen Myronuk (Producer & Director) and Johnathan Carr (Cinematographer & Editor). Register Here

Los Angeles

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Meet Eric Gradman & Brent Bushnell, the founders of Two Bit Circus.

two-bit-circus two-bit-circus


December 7, 2015 - 7:30pm
Impact Hub LA Map

For our next StoryCode LA meeting we will be focusing on GAMES — playing games, inventing games and teaching kids to build their own games!!!!
Eric and Brent have a long history of collaboration, they created Doppelgames, a mobile game platform, which they sold to Handmade Mobile in 2012; Syyn Labs, the production company that created the Rube Goldberg machine in OK Go's four-minute-long, single-take music video for "This Too Shall Pass"; and uWink, the interactive restaurant franchise that later morphed into a software company called TapCode, which allows diners to place restaurant orders and play social games on a digital tablet.

Through Two Bit Circus, Eric, Brent and their team at the “Big Top Studio”, are using tech to re-imagine classic carnival games.
Their newest venture Steam Carnival, which just secured financial backing to become a national brand, is part large-scale public art project, part educational program and all matter of high-tech spectacle, incorporating robotics, virtual reality, motion control and an old-fashioned stage show.
Steam Carnival San Francisco

They are also disrupting virtual reality. Two Bit Circus VR, has developed a Bluetooth syncing for multiple Gear VR users to help create a truly shared VR experience.
And just in case that was not enough amusement, they too work on immersive, live-action adventures like “Cosmic Contagion,” where you become part of the story and must collaborate with others in a room full of surprises, and mysteries. Looking for clues that will help you solve each puzzle, bringing you closer and closer to the answer that you seek.


CTO & Mad Invento
rEric is an inventor and entertainer who makes others see technology as magic. He has a colorful history as a circus performer, professional whistler, roboticist, and inventor.For over 15 years he has designed and built cutting-edge technology products including 3d-touch displays, virtual reality systems, satellite control systems, intelligent robots, concept cars, assistive devices, and crazy games that will blow your mind. He is at the forefront of a revolution in personal manufacturing tools that make inventing accessible to all. His interactive artwork has been exhibited at LACMA, Sundance Film Festival, The Leonardo, Mindshare.LA and the TED Conference.

CEO & Roustabout
A lifelong engineer and entrepreneur, Brent plays at making technology fun. Particular passions include group games, out-of-home entertainment, and inspiring kids to be inventors.

Two Bit Circus: Engineering Entertainment

Two Bit Circus lives at the intersection of technology and spectacle. They engineer entertainment that is imaginative and interactive, blurring the line between physical and digital playgrounds to create a new world of social amusement.

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